To children, desputeaux + aubin offers albums, like so many hugs and kisses, that portray the colourful little world of Hélène Desputeaux, the creator of Caillou. In 2006, because of never-ending legal hearings concerning her baby Caillou that lasted ten years, and after having seen her graphic universe transformed in a multitude of reproductions, of which she will probably never know the nature and quantity, Hélène Desputeaux set up, with Michel Aubin, her own production house: desputeaux + aubin. Since then, holding brush and pencil, Hélène Desputeaux has been creating new books with her genuine baby Caillou, her little Mella and a string of endearing characters! And since then, to celebrate the truly true creation and to simply make us dream, desputeaux + aubin produces a skipping dance of words and colors for the big-toddlers and the wee-toddlers!

Hélène Desputeaux

Hélène Desputeaux works for children, in fact she has always done so. Hoping only to make them dream, since 1983 she has given them close to 115 picture books, like so many kisses.

In order to meet all these children, the little colored world of Hélène Desputeaux has been around the world several times. Amongst the collection of endearing characters that she has brought to life appears the now famous wee baby Caillou' So the images of Caillou, in all their various forms, still rolling around the world and often without her control, were all created by Hélène Desputeaux!

The works of Hélène Desputeaux have earned her several prizes and awards. The most recent was awarded by the Université du Québec à Montréal in April 2009 the Prix Reconnaissance UQAM 2009 (an award of the Faculty of Education): 'for her creativity, her educational skills, and her love of children'. And the month of April 2009 coincides, almost to the day, with the creation of Hélène's first illustrations of her baby Caillou' in April 1989! So there you are, the genuine Caillou ' the one who belongs to the little colored world of Hélène Desputeaux ' has turned more then 20, and his real home is at desputeaux + aubin!

Hélène Desputeaux is a bachelor of visual arts (B.A.V.) (Laval University, 1981) and bachelor of education (B.Ed.) (University of Quebec at Montréal, 1984). She completed one year of a master's degree in Science education, pre-school and elementary education (University of Quebec at Montréal, 1985). Hélène Desputeaux also has a long and excellent musical training (Canadian Music competitions fellow and prize (piano) from 1969 to 1972).

Michel Aubin

Michel Aubin is a scenic artist, a puppeteer and an actor who participated in the creation and the broadcasting of many theatrical productions for children and in the film shouting of a few movies and television series.

He also created a great number of workshop seminars for all ages. He is a part time photographer as well. He is the author, illustrator and graphic designer of ten or more children's books, quite often in association with Hélène Desputeaux. He also wrote many school book texts.

But most importantly, since 1983, Michel Aubin established the graphic design of almost all of Hélène Desputeaux's books. By overseeing the graphic environment in which Hélène Desputeaux's little world evolved, he set, with her and for her, the desputeaux + aubin graphic signature, the same one we find in Caillou. This signature was interrupted during the proceedings he went through with Hélène Desputeaux.

In participating in 2006 in the birth of an autonomous artistic production space with his life and creative partner Hélène Desputeaux, he now becomes a producer! But, he will produce his own dreams and those of Hélène Desputeaux! The name of this production house is, of course, desputeaux + aubin!

After a few years studying philosophy (Laval University), Michel completed a bachelor's degree in graphic design at University of Quebec at Montréal in 1984.